STart'r box initiative

V.U.R.T has a vision of collecting as many ART Supplies as we can to donate to local schools since funding for art programs is little to none. We are launching the stART’r box initiative by filling custom boxes with donated art supplies in an effort to promote and support the visual arts for generations to come. It can be a struggle for some to open the door and minds of creative people without access to the right tools. Let us join together to work towards keeping art and creativity alive.   Thank you to all who have generously agreed to host V.U.R.T boxes in an effort to collect supplies for local schools in the Greater Philadelphia area. 

StART'r Box Locations:


Philadelphia Tattoo Collective
    1842 North Front Street Philadelphia PA

Seven Swords Tattoo
    2580 Frankford Ave Philadelphia PA 

Art Machine

     1345 Frankfurt Ave Philadelphia PA

True Hand Society
    2424 east York Street Philadelphia PA

start'r Brush Initiative

V.U.R.T is pleased to announce its latest project, the 'stART'r Brush Initiative"-a way to extend our artistic abilities to reach out to the youth. Unfortunately many children today do not receive artistic exposure or direction in school due to lack of funding. The opening of young minds with the creativity of art classes is a great way for kids to learn, thrive, and be productive in their community. We have seen it first hand, as we are products of it ourselves. Our plan for the "stART'r Brush Initiative" is to host after school painting classes with students aging from 8-12. We have art teachers excited to help teach youth that with the right direction and tools they can accomplish something they may have never imagined. V.U.R.T will obtain all the necessary materials through donations, and we are working with some amazing facilities throughout the area that will host our classes. We are pleased to announce, classes won't be limited to certain neighborhoods and will be offered free of charge to all students.