our Mission & Vision

V.U.R.T's mission is to inspire, unify, and renew urban communities through the power of public art and revitalization.

We at V.U.R.T are dedicated to reclaiming the visual landscape of our urban areas with dynamic and vibrant public art. By utilizing reusable and recycled materials, we will give back to the community through green practices. With our professional design and mural painting experience we believe the work we do can enrich and inspire the masses. In an effort to collaborate with the community, together we will strive to bring color to the dreary and attention to the overlooked and forgotten. With nothing more than a little paint, we can make a huge difference in how a community can look, feel and thrive.


Who we are

Visual Urban Renewal & Transformation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity based in New Jersey. Formed and supported by local artists and advocates alike, we aim to bring art, inspiration, and hope to areas often overlooked. We believe in the power of public art, and believe that decorating our world with inspiration and beauty can bring about true change, motivation, and hope.


We are 100% supported through the generosity of supporters like you! All donations to V.U.R.T go towards creating and maintaining our works. Donations are tax deductible and make a huge difference to us and the communities we serve. To donate, click the link bellow.