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The following are pieces that cover the work of V.U.R.T and our artists


Feature 1

We are proud to have been named in the Top 10 Philadelphia Public Art Moments of 2016 list issued by Streets Dept. Please follow the link bellow to learn more.

Feature 2

"Pigeons," artist Evan Lovett said, "are obviously the urban resident as far as nature goes in Philadelphia."

Follow the link bellow to see BillyPenn's take on the Story Behind the Huge Pigeon Mural on the Kensington-Fishtown Border.


"The front entrance was noticeably different as students and staff walked in to Grice.  Over the weekend, Visual Urban Renewal and Transformation (V.U.R.T), a locally based organization, created this mural which was conceptualized by members of the mural committee. As students and staff entered, they were visibly taken aback by the amazing new artwork on the auditorium walls."

"Token Squirrel"

"Token Squirrel"

 The "Token Squirrel" can be found on the 2200 block of North Hancock St in Philadelphia, and has been dubbed a new favorite selfie spot with true Philly flare!