Our Artists

Our board of directors at Visual Urban Renewal and Transformation is composed of skilled mural artists and community advocates.

Evan Lovett

Evan Lovett

Creative Director- V.U.R.T

Over the past 10 years Evan has cultivated a style that stands out among his peers in the art community. What started as an experiment has evolved into part of his everyday drawing process. To Evan, it has always just been a part of the process. It wasn’t until several talented and respected friends pointed out that it has a unique look, did he realize it had taken over his art. His style was born.
Evan blends the world around him with a graphic element and a love for symbolism. He runs his art through the monochromatic filter in his mind. Working with such a limited pallet forces him to focus on what’s most important to a design. Evan works primarily in nature or organic themes. That juxtaposition with an architectural structure is offset by the bold, warm colors. Challenging to the viewer to stop and interact with both the image and the environment.


Jimmy McMenamin

Jimmy McMenamin

Creative Developer- V.U.R.T

Raised in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, Jimmy is a contemporary artist who began painting in the early 2000s. Today, with over a decade of work under his belt, he has solidified himself as a nationally recognized practitioner in the art community.

As contemporary illustration rises in popularity, he manages to continually find new territory, creating pieces that are instantly recognizable. Working predominantly in aerosol and oil paint, his dynamic lettering styles, layering techniques, craftsmanship, and dedication to detail results in striking works of art.


Local Artists

Our services provide an avenue for local artists to express their work in mural form. We aim to serve you, as an artist, and the community you work with. Our services include artist sourcing and concept development.